There’s nothing quite like creating clothing from sheets of fabric and thread.  Forming something so useful from something so mundane is pretty heady when done correctly.  Of course you can use sewing skills for decoration and art, but I always feel more proud of the practical things I make that my boys and I use all the time.

There is hand sewing which is very useful for decorative stitches but also for times when your sewing machine breaks or is unavailable because you’re away from it.  There has been more than once that I whipped up a seam in a ripped or ill fitting garment while traveling.

Then there is machine sewing which makes things go sew much faster!  I’ve become very fond of the old singer from the 60s that used to belong to my grandmother, but I would absolutely adore a treadle machine!  I figure it can’t be much harder than treadling a spinning wheel right?!  But I digress, here I will be adding sewing patterns that I have made through the years as well as tips and tricks so enjoy!

You can find some of my patterns on the side bar in the Box file sharing section

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