Wool Longies Pattern

Wool longies are the BEST! Snuggly warm wool pants over a cloth diaper with a cute little shirt are about as good as it gets.  Here is the pattern that I came up with for my little guys when they used these and even though they use more yarn than a soaker I used these more than soakers when my kiddos were in diapers.

Wool Longies

xxs/preemie: 12 inch waist

xsmall: 14 inch waist

small: 16 inch waist

medium: 18 inch waist

large: 20 inch waist

sizes are listed as xxs(xs, s, m, l) in pattern.


*  two sets of double point needles (5 in each set). One size 5 and one size 7.  You can use circulars for the body but will either need double points or to know how to magic loop the legs.

*  two 3-4 ounce skeins of worsted weight 100% wool yarn (not superwash!).  This will be enough for the largest size, but you will have extra left over when making the smaller sizes.

*  3 stitch holders

*  yarn needle

*  Scissors

Gauge is 4 stitches per inches per inch on size 7 needles


*  Using size 5 needles, cast on 48(56, 64, 72, 80) stitches and spread evenly among four of your needles.

* Join ends and mark with a stitch marker or piece of yarn to show where a new row begins

* Knit 1, purl 1 around to make your ribbing at the waistband.

*  Continue rib knit until your knitting is 1.5(1.5, 2, 2, 2.5) inches long from the cast on edge.

*  Switch to size 7 needles by knitting a round onto the new needles

* continue knitting all stitches for 3 rows

* Add a short row that is half the length of a row.  To do this knit your first two needles, leaving the last two stitches on your second needle.  Wrap your yarn around the second to last stitch then turn your work so that your are working the back side.  Purl back across these two needles until there are two stitches left on the second (the first two stitches of the row when you’re working the right side).  Wrap the yarn around the second to last stitch and turn your work again.  Now knit back across these same two needles until you get to the second to last stitch that you wrapped your yarn around last time and knit the wrapped yarn along with the stitch.  Continue knitting around the third and fourth needles until you are back at the beginning of the row.  Knit the first stitch, knit the wrapped yarn together with the second stitch then continue knitting normally for the rest of the row.  You’ve just made a short row!

* Knit 3 more rounds

* Make a short row again

* Continue this pattern of adding in a short row every fourth row until the length of the back (where you’ve been adding short rows) is 7(8, 9, 10, 11) inches from the cast on edge.  The front (where there are no short rows) will be shorter, that is the purpose of the short rows.

Now we’re going to make the gusset for the crotch of these pants.

* Knit the stitches on your first needle to the last two stitches, K1, make one, K1

*  move to your second needle and K1, make 1, K to the end of the needle

* Repeat these last two needles for the next two and then you will be back at the beginning of your row

* Knit to the last four stitches on the first needle, K1, make one, K3

* on second needle K3, make one, knit to end of needle

* Repeat these last two for the next two needles

* Knit all the way around

* K to last four stitches on first needle, K1, make one, K3

* On second needle K3, make one, K to end of needle

*  Repeat these last two for the next two.

*  Knit all the way around for a row

* Knit to last five stitches on first needle, K1, make 1, K4

* on second needle K4, make one, knit to end of needle

* Repeat these last two needles for the next two

* Knit one row

Now we’re going to work the legs.

* Knit to the last 4 stitches of the first needle and place the last four stitches on a stitch holder along with the first 4 stitches from the second needle.

*Put the rest of the stitches from the second needle along with all but the last 4 stitches from the third needle together on a stitch holder.

* Put the last four stitches from the third needle along with the first four from the fourth needle on a stitch holder.

*You now have the front and back of your gusset on stitch holders as well as the right leg of your pants.  We will work the left leg of your pants first.

* Separate the stitches not on holders onto three of your size 7 needles and join in a round where the gusset stitch holders are.

* Knit around until the leg measures 6(7, 8, 9, 11) inches from the crotch

* K1, P1 around for one row

* P1, K1 around for one row

* Repeat these last two rows until you have added an additional inch to the length of your leg

* Bind off loosely and weave in end.

*Join yarn at the gusset edge of the other leg stitches and repeat for the right leg

* With the front side of your work facing you and holding it upside down, join yarn to the back of your knitting at the right side of your unworked stitches.  Then use the kitchener stitch to graft the front and back of the crotch gusset stitches together.

*Weave in ends

* make a cord for the waist by knitting three stitches in the round, by braiding three pieces of yarn together, or by crocheting a chain.  Then weave this cord through the ribbing at the top of the longies to help secure them on your little one.  (some patterns call for eyelets in the ribbing for this cord but I don’t find them necessary.)

* Lanolize it by soaking it in warm water mixed with a drop of lanoline and a drop of liquid soap for 30 minutes then lay flat to dry.  When it’s dry it is ready for duty!


2 thoughts on “Wool Longies Pattern

  1. I have a question about rise. Your rise seems reasonable but most of them I see are 14″ – 16″. Granted my kid is 6 (and I don’t really remember what baby clothes look like) but this seems unreasonably long.

    • The diaper pattern I made up for my kiddos ended up being the same measurements for rise and waist. For example, a newborn diaper would have a 14 inch rise and 14 inch waist. This longies pattern is to fit over this with a ribbed edge past it, so the small longies rise is 16 inches so that none of the diaper comes out of the top. Granted my children never got past the medium size before they were potty trained so my larger sizes are estimated. Feel free to shorten the rise as you see fit 🙂

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