Hi everyone! My name is Autumn and my family and I make up Muck Weed Farm here in Morrow County, OH. We are working to build a self sustaining farm while homeschooling with our three children and enjoying as much as this Earth has to offer as we can . My husband, Daniel, and I both grew up in the city (me in Indianapolis, IN, him in Columbus, OH) but with lots of experiences with our families to work with nature and love the wild Earth.

We have 5 acres in central Ohio where we enjoy our dairy goats, chickens and garden, but we cannot wait to add cows, pigs and sheep to our animals, grow an orchard and expand our vegetable growing with this new land!

We welcome you all to follow along on our journey and intersect with us through comments, Facebook, Etsy and our future farmers’ markets!

my family

4 thoughts on “About

    • Thank you for the nomination! I love what you all are doing as well and look forward to reading more about your adventures. I didn’t accept the nomination and make my own post because I was having trouble researching and finding 5 new blogs with less than 200 readers while chasing kiddos and managing the farm! Haha! Safe travels and keep up the writing!

      • Oh I totally understand, I had a hard time myself as we don’t have wifi on the road but thankfully were planted in Oregon for a few weeks. Best wishes to you! And thank you

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